Sunday, 11 August 2013

Miyajima : Rob's guest blog part one

Currently riding our last bullet train of Japan to Osaka and they seem to be getting faster! Left Hiroshima today after a two day visit, where the experience varied a lot! After arriving at the station we took a tram to our hostel's area. The phrase crammed in like sardines would not do that trip justice, particularly with our ever expanding packs!! After a monumental cock-up with the hostel booking (effectively booking the wrong night in Hiroshima so we were originally left without a bed for the first night) we had to stay in our first dorm of the trip. Needless to say I think we are more cut out for private sleeping arrangements, although this was only one night and we're going to give it a fair crack in Beijing! Also, I think we were very unlucky to be stuck in the only dorm where everyone was leaving at 6 the next morning. A morning which was complete with swearing, constant alarms and the unnecessary rustling and zipping of bags.

Prior to this night/morning we were super productive when we first got to Hiroshima and headed almost immediately back out for a trip out to the nearby island of Miyajima. This required us to take two quick trams and a ferry boat - the ferry was particularly enjoyable thanks to a host of stunning views of Miyajima's bay. Miyajima is famous for its very scenic views, floating Torii Shrine, five storied pagoda and the fact that wild deer are allowed to roam free about the island. 

We soon found the infamous deer as lo and behold, there were two seemingly waiting for a taxi outside the ferry port.

The focal point of our visit was the Torri Shrine because of what we had heard about it from various other travellers and that it is noted as one of Japan's three most scenic spots; quite the accolade considering Japan's other picturesque destinations. There are two different ways you can visit this shrine, depending on what time you decide to go. When it is high tide the shrine appears to be floating as the sea covers the base, whereas if you go at low tide you are able to walk beneath the arch which supposedly brings good fortune. We opted for the latter option, in order to also see this monument at sunset. Also, due to the costs this trip is likely to incur we need all the good fortune we can get! Walking along the promenade we encountered plenty of the deer mentioned earlier, most of which seemed to be trying to eat the stalls, although they were remarkably tame. At the end of the promenade you could see the shrine and the pagoda and the view was as spectacular as described. Took a few photos, saw a crab and sat on the beach and watched the sunset before heading back to the ferry. 

Around our hostel there were quite a few restaurants, some of which sold Okonomi-yaki (A local Hiroshima delicacy). We had heard so much about how delicious and filling this was and it did not disappoint! It basically consists of; a pancake base, vegetables, meat and egg as the filling, with noodles and varying sauces on top. So for short carbs, on carbs, on pancake with filling and topping!! Alongside this feast, the restaurant also sold extra large beers! On the menu they are written was 'Man beer' and 'Woman beer', something which seemed to offend Rebecca so she went rogue and ordered a man beer (the waiter was taken aback by this)! She did finish it all with aplomb. 

As the next day would be our longest in Hiroshima we would explore the Peace Park then, but that deserves its own blog entry and we're nearly at Osaka, so will update on arrival.

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