Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Tokyo Trilogy: Part 3

So we've come to the end of our time in Tokyo. We're catching our first train tomorrow which is taking us to Lake Kawaguchiko next to Mount Fuji! Obviously this is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan so we're both super excited to relax in the shadow of the mountain. We think its going to be awesome!

Back to Tokyo though and once again we've had a super busy few days. Yesterday, we headed slightly out of central Tokyo to the man made island of Odaiba (or Daiba depending on who you're speaking to). This was the busiest and hottest day so far as we travelled around the whole island and there was loads to do! Getting there, we took the monorail (obviously we sang the Simpsons monorail song the whole way there- "is there a chance the track could bend? Not on your life, my Hindu friend"). The monorail takes you on a loop round and then over rainbow bridge and you get a fantastic view of Tokyo bay.

Odaiba is a strange place. It's very purpose-built and contrived but still really fun and there's a lot to do! We were greeted off the monorail by a huge crowd queueing for a funfair and just around the corner was tokyo's only beach and a Statue of Liberty! There's about 10 shopping malls each with different attractions inside including a SEGA joypolis, various museums, Legoland and Madame Tussaud's. 

We headed for a quick lunch first. Side-note on the food in Tokyo. In order to overcome the language barrier, in all the restaurants, they have plastic models of the dishes they serve and pictures of them so you can just point. The plastic models are really realistic and it's crazy how many different types they have. 

After we filled our boots with miso soup, pork, these strange mini fish things and rice (odd but delicious) we stumbled upon a crazy attraction. It was like an art exhibition but you could make it look like you were in the paintings as they were designed to be interactive. We made complete and utter fools out of ourselves but it was fun and the pictures are hilarious.

After a while spent in here, we headed for a walk around the island and stumbled into Italy......well not quite, but almost as one of the malls was made to look like an 18th century Italian town complete with water features, a geppetto's workshop and a ceiling that reflected the sky outside (like Hogwarts!!)

After mooching around here for a while, we did a bit of shopping and headed off the the science museum which looked awesome- the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. We got a bit lost on the way (all the malls look the same) and ended up arriving at 4.59. Of course, the museum shut at 5. All a bit pointless really. Maybe next time.....Another quick walk along the pier, and we headed off home for a well-deserved rest with a quick foodstop on the way at another foodcourt (seriously, if you ever come to Tokyo, this is the way to go)! Another chilled night in, don't think our budget quite stretches to too many Tokyo nights out, and our hostel (along with most others isn't in the busy nighttime area)..... 

That brings us to today, which has been our last full day in Tokyo. It started out that we were going to use the day to tie up some loose ends and have a bit of a rest. Of course, there's so much to do and see it hasn't really turned out that way. This morning we impulsively decided to go on a river cruise along the Sumida and ended up in some Japanese gardens (Hama Rikyu) which were stunning, complete with a duck hunting ground, a tea house, a 300 year old pine tree and a duck memorial? Something of an oxymoron between the first and last areas. 

Following the park, we headed to the metro station, getting a bit lost on the way. We asked a lovely Japanese lady for directions and got chatting (her English skills put us to shame)....did you know that in Japan you're only entitled to 2 days of annual paid leave?? She was ultra intrigued by English culture and my red face. With her assistance, we finally found the metro station and headed back up to Asakusa. A final walk around and we headed back to tie up the loose ends we'd been putting off all day. Few loads of washing, packing up the room which has somehow got ridiculously messy and sorting out various documents. 

We're both super sad to be leaving Tokyo, but very excited to see some more of Japan. One last meal (including some octopus tentacles on a stick for Rob) and a quick trip to the fish market in the morning (only sight we haven't got around to yet) and we'll be off on our travels again! We'll update again. 

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  1. Hey Rebecca,
    Its Orla! We finally found your blog, its brilliant! Looks like ye are having a blast! I love the photos:) Btw the food looks delecious.....:P Anyways, im looking forward to reading your next blog:)
    Have a good time and keep safe,
    Best of luck,
    Breege, Keeva, Orla,and Rach X